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$9 Retirement Day Trader Mini-Course

Put green all over your computer screen and profits into your account.

Become a Better Trader

Retirement Day Trader can make you a better trader and set you up for success by offering you the potential to make a consistent, steady monthly income.

Time works for you

Time is not your friend if you're an option buyer!  But, as an option seller, time works for you as time decay puts money in your pocket with every passing second.

Instantly get paid

When you sell options, you instantly get paid potential profits in the form of a premium, just like an insurance company or "the house," in Las Vegas. If the option expires out of the money as it often does, you keep the entire premium.

Control over your risk

As time value decreases, your risk as the options seller also declines. Learn all about time value and risk in the course!

Close your position at any time

If things don't feel "right" you can close your position at any time!

The Retirement Day Trader

In this mini-course, learn how to simultaneously buy and sell options with different strike prices to establish a spread position. Each time that an option sold is more expensive than an option bought, a net credit results, and this money is instantly deposited into your brokerage account.

We focus on SPX, VIX, FAANG and high premium stocks, trading in the world's most liquid markets, and each option you sell benefits from time decay, putting money in your pocket with each passing moment.

Get a bit of the Retirement Day Trader course and learn how we place new trades almost every day that expire in 1, 2 or 3 days, never more than 15, offering multiple and continuous opportunities for profit with short time exposure to the markets.

Sneak Peak

Vertical Credit Spreads

Vertical credit spreads are the biggest secret that the best day traders don't want you to know about. Learn what it is, and how you can use it to your advantage.

Seek profits in up or down markets

Get an edge over the amatuers who buy options

Advantages like...

Significant reduction in net risk on any trade (the worse that can happen is a full loss that can be predetermined before the trade is placed).

Ideal for traders who believe the underlying stock or security will fall, rise or trade sideways between the trade date and expiration date.

Although profit is limited, it is consistent and can be consistently quantified (the best case is that you keep all the premium).

Significantly less risky than shorting the stock or underlying asset because the maximum loss is the difference between two strikes. When you short a market, the maximum loss is theoretically unlimited.

Time decay works for you, not against you.

Traders can sell options for credit and income throughout the week.

The Bottom line

Secure your financial future by selling options

Winning in the markets is all about getting an "edge," and that's why we have decided to be options sellers and have made this strategy the centerpiece of Retirement Day Trader.

Here's what you get for $9!

2 weeks

Two weeks of complete access to the Retirement Day Trader email alerts.  Exact entry and exit prices.  Stop loss points.  Known levels of risk.

2 Daily newsletters

Two daily newsletters offering stock market and VIX Index insights.

Sunday Trading Room

Access to our weekend Sunday trading room where we review charts, recent trades, current market conditions and a look ahead at the upcoming week.

Join now and start selling options today!

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$9 is a joke, but we're willing to basically give away this information because we're so excited about its potential and how it could improve your investing life.

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