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What's in the eBook?

Puts & Calls while trading Options
  • How selling options can generate steady income.

  • How to make time decay and volatility your friends

  • How to be "the house" instead of "the chump" and trade like Warren Buffett does

  • How to get an "edge" in today's complex markets

Selling Options: A Different Approach to Options Investing

  • Why Sell Options?

    • Studies indicate that 70-80% of options expire worthless giving the seller (you) an instant edge over the buyer
    • Open a trade and immediately get paid
    • Know your exact and risk and exact reward before placing your trade
    • When an option expires out of the money, you keep the entire premium.
    • As time value decreases, your risk also declines.
    • You can close your position at any time.

  • Why Retirement Day Trader?

    Retirement Day Trader from uses vertical credit spreads to generate income.

    We simultaneously buy and sell options with different strike prices to establish a spread position.

    The one we sell is more expensive than the one we bought and the net credit is instantly deposited into your account.

    We trade SPX, FAANG and selected high volatility stocks offering high premium potential.

    We benefit from time decay

    Our holding periods are short, from 1-15 days, limiting market exposure and maximizing time decay.

    We target more than 200 trades per year so there are plenty of opportunities to collect premium income.

    We always have a known amount of risk, shoot for odds in our favor of 80% or more, and look for 1-5% gain on every trade.

  • What's In It For You?

    • A sophisticated options selling system that takes just a few minutes a day and offers great profit potential and steady income.
    • A system that doesn't require you to be right about price, time or market direction like most options trading strategies.
    • A system that lets you trade like the pros do


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Selling index, FAANG and high volatility stock options offers unique opportunities for knowledgeable traders and this free eBook introduces you to this exciting strategy that you can use in cash accounts, IRAs and even 401ks.

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