One Way Market Over

For oh so long, it was a one way market. In fact, it’s been four years of a one way directional move – an that move was higher.


By L.A. Little

It’s visible in any chart you care to look at – this is the S&P 500.

Long Term view

The last major selloff was oh so long ago – August of 2011. The magnitude of the losses then approached 20%. So far, the losses on this push are nearing correction territory. With breaks of multiple swing points on multiple time frames, the potential to get some sort of mirrored loss totals doesn’t seem all that far fetched.

Almost everything you hear and read is about how this is the big crash. Fear stories have been appearing regularly for months and even years now. The ghost of 2008 is always present in our thoughts. Will this be the big one? The one that takes everything down 40% or so? You know as well as I do that anything is possible but even if that is the case, there will be false rallies along the way – opportunities for you to stake out positions during the selling for long term positions that you care to own without taking significant risks which, just a week ago, were much higher than now.

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