Rally Keeps Going But New Highs Await

The S&P is only a short step away from confirming new highs, but today’s action will have kept shorts wary with the risk of whipsaw high.


by Dr. Declan Fallon

A simple push above 2,406 could deliver an acceleration higher. The one disappointment is the light volume.

The Nasdaq isn’t quite as close to the S&P in marking a new high, but today’s action did negate yesterday’s bearish ‘black’ candlestick. The ‘bull trap’ is just a few points away from being consigned to history – can tomorrow deliver?

Finally, the Russell 2000 still works towards negating last Wednesday’s loss (with a lot more to do beside that).  Its next challenge will be clearing the 20-day MA.

One index which is offering itself as a decent looking breakout candidate is the Dow Jones Industrial average; a decent handle has shaped over the course of April-May.

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For tomorrow, bulls should watch the aforementioned Dow Jones. Bears may find joy in a quick reversal of the S&P or Nasdaq, but it would not be a trade to linger in if the position moved against you early.