Uptrend Continues

The uptrend continues! And continues… and continues.


By Corey Rosenbloom

Today we’re seeing another breakout to new highs from these series of sideways ranges we’ve seen lately.

Here’s today’s updated Emini (@ES) trading levels for your trades:

Here’s a quote to reference from Tuesday’s member report:

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We’re still cautious/neutral (see intraday chart) at the highs until we do get a breakout – and possible short-squeeze rally – above 2,300.

There will be no known/obvious targets above 2,300 so play bullishly until or unless we see a “bull trap” that returns price back under 2,300.

And there goes the market! There goes the breakout.

We’re on “Breakout or Bull Trap” watch right now and will frame our trades accordingly.