Value Investing

Value Investing or Speculation

I believe that all investing is value investing. When valuation is not part of the process then I would argue that what is being engaged in is speculation.


It is not that speculation is wrong, however, it is not investing in the purist sense. One of my pet peeves is the ongoing debate between value stocks versus growth stocks. To me, there is no such thing. All stocks grow, and all stocks can be purchased at value. Therefore, I believe that prudent investors search for both. Even when capital appreciation is the primary objective, both growth and value should be part of the equation.

With this video I offer 10 research candidates that qualify as both growth and value. My criteria was each research candidate had to be available at a minimum earnings yield of 6%. Each candidate had to have an investment grade Standard & Poor’s credit rating of BBB- or better. Additionally, they each had to pay a dividend and finally they all had to have forecast growth expectations of 10% or better. In this video I will be reviewing Anthem (ANTM), BorgWarner (BWA), Equitable Holdings (EQH), Citizens Financial (CFG), JP Morgan Chase (JPM), McKesson Corp (MCK), Air Lease (AL), Cigna Corp (CI), Jabil (JBL), Ally Financial (ALLY)

FAST Graphs Analyze Out Loud Video:

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Disclosure: Long ANTM, BWA, CI, JBL at the time of writing.

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